Compact USB Rechargeable Electric Juicer for Making Fresh Smoothies, Milkshakes, and Citrus Fruit Drinks on the Go

Compact USB Rechargeable Electric Juicer for Making Fresh Smoothies, Milkshakes, and Citrus Fruit Drinks on the Go

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Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Cutting-Edge Portable Mini Electric Juicer!

Discover a World of Convenience:
- Our Smart Safety Protection System ensures worry-free usage and easy cleaning. The magnetic sensitive switch guarantees ultra-safe operation, stopping the juicer cup when detached.
- With an ample 380ml capacity, our mini blender is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Its compact design makes it effortlessly portable, adding convenience to your daily routine.

Unleash the Power of Innovation:
- Experience the remarkable upgrade of our 6-blade blending system. Outperforming traditional 4-blade models, it effortlessly transforms fruits and vegetables into sensational smooth concoctions, leaving no traces of fruit pieces or ice.

Invest in Your Well-being:
- Crafted from premium, food-grade materials like nontoxic PP and ABS, our portable blender is your assurance of safety and eco-friendliness. Relish the benefits of fresh nutrients while enjoying precious moments of relaxation.

Freedom Meets Functionality:
- Our USB juicer cup boasts a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, designed for your busy lifestyle. Charge it easily using various devices, and revel in approximately 12 uses on a single 3-hour charge.

Simplicity Redefined:
- Experience the ease of one-button blending and cleaning. No need for extravagant blenders with unnecessary features. Our juicer offers the touch of a button for effortless blending and automatic cleaning, saving you time and effort.

Unveil the Future of Juicing:
- Introducing our Portable Mini Electric Juicer - your ultimate companion for health-conscious living. Sized at 8*8*24cm and weighing just 457 grams, it comes in captivating colors including Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Elevate your daily routine and embrace the future of juicing with our innovative and stylish Portable Mini Electric Juicer. Experience the difference today!

Usage Instructions:
- To start the product, perform a quick double-click. Note that starting while charging is not possible, and each usage cycle lasts for 30 seconds.
- For the initial use, ensure a 3-hour charge time. Avoid using the juice cup during charging. You can charge using a power bank, mobile phone plug, or computer USB.
- Cut the pulp into small pieces before juicing. Remember to add water or milk for better juicing results.
- During use, flip the machine upside down and shake the blade at a 45-degree or 180-degree angle to adjust shaking speed based on food viscosity.
- When cleaning, refrain from submerging the base in water to prevent damage to electronic components from water infiltration.
- Familiarize yourself with the instruction manual before utilizing the product.

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